Compression Mold

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Compression Mold
  • Compression Mold

Compression Mold

Compression molding process is directly arranging rubber strip above cavity then close mold plate to proceed molding process. Besides the relative production parameters, the mold design focuses on how to have molding pressure spread averagely and how to deal with the going of waste rubber and exhausting air. Furthermore, less flash is always the essential requirement which depends on the design of cutting groove. With good design of cutting groove, not only flash can be easily erased manually, but also can produce good flash-less rubber parts. Cutting groove is also related to the mold life time. The selection of mold steel is an important consideration.

On the other hand, we notice the mold-machining quality in order to have less tool mark (good roughness of surface), accurate dimensions with correct rubber shrinkage rate estimation as well.

To do mold test, we usually require the compound rubber from customer in order to 100% simulate the working conditions at customer's side. The more details we notice with good communication, the higher possibility that we can successfully make a very good quality mold. Besides, doing mold test, we not only provide samples for your evaluation, we will also provide the related production parameters of mass production as your reference which should be able to save your time of study to the best working conditions of operating your molds.

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