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Custom Oil Seal Elements - Metal Case / Professional, Reliability and Creativity are what L&J believe in to serve customers of rubber-related products.

Custom Oil Seal Elements - Metal Case

Metal Case

L&J always works with good and professional source in Taiwan. For metal case, the critical key point of quality is the design and accuracy of press mold as well as good production concept in quality control.

The accuracy of metal case is very important to coordinate with compression cavity mold (oil seal). Enquiring L&J, please provide the drawing of metal case design with specification in detail.

Custom Oil Seal Elements - Metal Case | Rubber Components & Parts Manufacturer | L&J

Located in Taiwan since 2006, Linda & Jason International Co., Ltd. has been a professional trading company that is specialized in rubber component and parts industry. Their main rubber products, include Metal Case, Rubber Components and Parts, Rubber O-Rings and X-Rings, Rubber Molds, Rubber Springs and Compound Rubber, which are delivered from certified manufacturers with excellent services.

L&J represents a whole working system with a vertical integration from compound rubber, rubber machine, rubber mold, rubber product, rubber surrounding equipment, to other individual extending business for different rubber-related demand. With more than 15 years manufacturing experience for Rubber Mold, O Ring, Rubber Component Parts, Oil Seal, Compound Rubber, Other Industrial Material & Components in Taiwan. /p>

L&J has been offering customers rubber components, molds and machinery based on years of seasoned experience, therefore each customer's demands are met.