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L&J is a professional vertical integration supplier and solution provider in rubber industry.



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Rubber Component Parts - Rubber Component Parts

Rubber Component Parts

Rubber component parts is very diversified to the design of working structure. The application of rubber...

O Ring and X Ring - O Ring & X Ring

O Ring and X Ring

L&J is able to develop specific compound rubber to make O Ring for fitting tough working environment...

Diaphragm - Diaphragm


Rubber Diaphragm is widely applied in Brake System, Pump System, Speaker System, and so on. Sometimes,...

Rubber Mold - Plate - Rubber Plate Mold

Rubber Mold - Plate

Plate mold is machining cavity directly on mold steel plate or making cavity separately then "insert"...

Rubber Mold - Cavity - Rubber Mold

Rubber Mold - Cavity

This is one of the main business to L&J all over the world. A good mold plays a very critical role in product...

Oil Seal - Oil Seal

Oil Seal

Oil seal is a specific product range in rubber industry which generally is used for automobile, motorcycle,...

Compound Rubber - Compound Rubber

Compound Rubber

Compound Rubber is diversified such as NBR, HNBR, ACM, FKM, FFKM, EPDM, Silicone, SBR, CR, NR, and so on, which...

Spring - Oil Seal Elements - Spring


Spring is a very important element in oil seal which usually is the critical factor to affect the force...

Metal Case - Oil Seal Elements - Metal Case

Metal Case

L&J always works with good and professional source in Taiwan. For metal case, the critical key point...

PTFE Elements - Oil Seal Elements - PTFE Elements

PTFE Elements

Sometimes there are some types of oil seal which need to combine with PTFE elements in order to handle...

Surrounding Equipments - Surrounding Equipments

Surrounding Equipments

L&J has connection to good rubber surrounding equipment sources in Taiwan with good quality and competitive...

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Rubber Components | Rubber Component Manufacturer - L&J

Located in Taiwan, Linda & Jason International Co., Ltd., since 2006, is a rubber component & rubber part manufacturer. L&J has the ability to supply excellent rubber component mold, including designing, drawing and making, manufacturing, mold-testing, dimension-measuring, thoughtful and well-communicating ability.

Besides rubber components such as o ring, x ring, oil seal and diaphragm, L&J also supplies rubber molding, compound rubber and rubber machinery with high-quality services.

L&J has been offering customers rubber components, molds and machinery based on years of seasoned experience, therefore each customer's demands are met.